Any location, any time

Are you away on a trip with your pet, far away from home and you are quite uneasy about finding the nearest vet doc in case of emergencies ?

Probably you just got this amazing pet but you live in a remote area far away from premium veterinary service? Do you want to change your present veterinary doctor; because you are not getting premium service for your money ?

Look no further, as our 24/7 online vet consultation is at your disposal to salvage any situation your pet might find itself.

The vet you need right now

Do you have a reliable veterinary service you can call on? Is the quality of service that you can trust? Is your pet always uneasy around strange places or people?

Worry no more, as we offer a wide access to qualified veterinary doctors with varying specialties in the UK. Whether it’s an emergency or a life threatening case, we have your pet covered.

We offer various treatments cutting across all round physical and psychological check, pet nutrition and also questions related to vaccinations.

Stress free pet care

Visiting your Veterinary doctor can be quite stressful as you are uncertain about the results you might receive, which could be life threatening to your pet. Here at MyPets, we do not completely replace your pet’s doctor but we save you the stress of unnecessary visits to the vet doc, giving advice that would help solve general situations.

Needless to say, MyPets online consultation services is here to save the day, easing you of your stress by solving your issues from the comfort of your house.

Vet with specializations

Here at MyPets, we have an optimal capacity of specialist and first responders who are capable of attending to sudden onset bleeding, car accident, vomiting, diarrhea, coma, non-life threatening cases/general illness such as: Runny nose, Red eyes, Hypo-activeness, Loss of appetite etc.

Specialization of our competent staff include: diet control with our Pet Nutritionist, behavioral pattern check, internal veterinary services, zoo psychologists, rare/endangered species specialist.

Electronic pet medical card

Worried about losing track of your pets health records? MyPets brings the solution of a Chip called an electronic pet medical card (EPMC). With this electronic pet medical card, you have the ease of accessing your pets medical records when needed both by you or any vet with your authorization.

However, there’s a special feature that allows you to switch between vets, depending on the services required. Most importantly, we guarantee easy access to your pet’s records wherever you are.

How it works

1 step Sign Up

To receive the service you need to register. Registration will not take more than a minute!

2 step Getting advice

For getting advice from a vet, choose a time that is convenient for you and pay for the consultation. Everything can be done on our website. It is convenient and easy.

3 step Consultation Report

Get a detailed consultation report with all the recommendations of a specialist.